Other than providing advice on legal aspects of law AB & A is also involved in various research projects.
In this respect the firm’s main focus is on governance, intellectual property, environmental law, advocacy training etc.
The firm’s founding partner Mr. Bashir has participated in various international conferences and has presented his research on international law making on intellectual property.

Mr. Bashir's publications include:

- Bashir, A, 2018, Pakistan’s readiness for e-commerce , [under peer review], Confederation of Indian Industries, New Delhi, India [this paper was presented at a workshop organised by the Confederation of Indian Industries (New Delhi, India), Fredrich Naumann Stiftung and SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It will be published in the first quarter of 2019 by CII].
- Bashir, A, 2013, Intellectual Property in Pakistan, book project sponsored by Fredrich Naumann Stiftung, Islamabad, Pakistan - Bashir, A, 2012, Re-visioning International Law on Intellectual Property: Towards a joint East-West perspective, Co-existing in a Globalized World: Key Themes in Inter-Professional Ethics, Lexington Books, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc., US
- Bashir, A, 2014, Non-adherence to international IP protection standards in Less Developed Countries: The Case of Pakistan, Deconstructing Global Citizenship: Political, Cultural and Ethical Perspectives, Lexington Books, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., US
- Member Lahore High Court Bar Association, Lahore, Pakistan
- Member Islamabad High Court Bar Association, Islamabad, Pakistan
- Member Society for Legal Scholars, UK
- Member European Legal Informatics Study Programme Alumni Association, Germany

Mr. Bashir has taught law at graduate level (LL.B) in Lahore and Islamabad. He is an advocacy trainer accredited by the Bar Council of England & Wales, UK. On a regular basis he renders consultancy services to the Asian Development Bank. At present he is also serving on the Board of Advisors of Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) which is an independent Islamabad based think tank.

Mr. Aziz ur Rehman Farooqui (Associate )

Advocate High Court

LL.B (Punjab University)

Mr Farooqui has work experience of over 3 years. He has exceptional expertise in conducting civil and criminal litigation at trial and appellate stages. His core area of work is litigation in civil, labour, family and criminal matters.

Mr. Aziz ur Rehman Farooqui (Associate )Advocate High Court

Mr. Zahir Shah (Associate )

Advocate High Court

LL.B. (Peshawar), Sharia’h and Law Course (Islamabad)
M.A. Political Science (Peshawar)

Mr. Shah has work experience of over eight years. He has exceptional expertise in conducting civil and criminal litigation at trial and appellate stages. In addition, Mr. Shah has vast experience in representing clients before administrative courts and regulatory bodies. His areas of expertise are in civil, labour, banking, corporate, family and criminal matters.

Mr. Zahir Shah (Associate Lawyer) Advocate High Court

Mr. Rashid Jehanzeb, (Associate)

LLB. (IIU, Islamabad) 2018

&;Mr. Jehanzeb’s major areas of interest include commercial and corporate matters.&;

Mr. Rashid Jehanzeb, (Associate)LLB. (IIU, Islamabad) 2018

Mr. Sanee Sajjad Sheikh, ( Advocate )

Masters in Development Economics (SOAS, London, UK).
LL.B. (Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan, Pakistan
B.A (Forman Christian College, Lahore, Pakistan)

“Mr. Sajjad has recently completed his first degree in law.”

Mr. Sanee Sajjad Sheikh, (Internee) Masters in Development Economics (SOAS, London, UK)